We will pay particular attention to the King of Sports for football. Therefore, we provide a bit more information about this sport.

This is a team sports game. Each team has 10 squad players and 1 goalkeeper. The game can be played with all parts of the body, not by hand (mostly played by legs, from where the name came from), and the goal of the game is to score as many goals as possible to the opponent's goal. The match lasts 2 minutes after 45 minutes; In matches where the winner must be clearly explained (if it is not a playoff or there are no extensions in the final), then in the case of equal terms it is necessary to extend - two more quarters are played in 15 minutes, and if the winner is still not explained, each team will be punished after five 11 m penalties. The referee decides which gates will be used to beat the penalty, and when deciding on a coin, it is decided which team will beat first. Each team selects 5 players, who in turn punch the penalty, and the team, having scored more goals after 5 attempts, wins. If this series of penalties does not explain the winner, both teams will score 1 penalty until one team wins.